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Race Over Romney: Why Gay Marriage Won’t Ruin Obama

In a historic move, first broke by ABC News, President Obama today came out in support of same-sex marriage rights. Assuming you are all the intelligent people that you are, you probably already know about Vice President Biden and Secretary Duncan coming out with their support earlier but this move as effectively changed the political ball game … Continue reading

Why the Campaigns Need to be Watching the European Elections

Although the Wisconsin recall vote and the Indiana primary are coming up, the most important elections this week won’t be happening in the Midwest, hell, not in even in the US, but in Europe. This week will we see important elections in both France and Greece. Now although it could be argued that every international election is … Continue reading

A Rough Start for Messina, Obama 2012

As most politi-addicts are aware, today marked the official beginning of campaigning for the President. But while most of us associate Obama with scenes of tens of thousands of fans filling Invesco Field in unparalleled glitz and glamour, today harkened to something Romney has been dealing with all primary season…the enthusiasm gap. While video of the speech … Continue reading

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Election Day 2012November 2nd, 2012
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