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Casually being bosses. Per usual…

About Dan: Hello Internets. I am a recent graduate of the University of Miami (Florida, not Ohio. Do not get this confused). I majored in Political Science and Philosophy, but you’re not here to hear about that. I am an avid political junkie, and if you’re here, you probably are too, so I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. In the past, I’ve interned in Florida for several Democratic candidates for statewide and national offices, and I’m currently in the process of relocating to Washington, DC and finding a job in politics there. Not really sure what I want to do yet, so we’ll see what happens. I love Model United Nations (4 year competitor in college), intelligent conversation, not-so-intelligent conversation, meeting nice people, basketball, college football, and cold beer.

About Ryan: Hello Peoples. I also attended the University of Miami where I studied American political history. I’ve got Southern roots cause I’m from the great state of Georgia, so if you find me in real life we can grab some cold sweet tea together while we talk politics. I lean to the conservative side (Southern roots…) but am not particularly fond of labels. I did, however, volunteer for the dark side of the Force in 2008 (Obama), but have since learned the error of my ways (I was only 17) and worked on Republican campaigns for Senator Saxby Chambliss and former Ambassador Jon Huntsman.  I’ve recently been a lowly intern at the CNN and have no idea what the future holds for me next. I extensively competed in Model UN (co-president with Dan) in college and love debating in general. I have a particular fondness for Korean culture, especially their music (Kpop), movie theaters, big cheeseburgers, Hegelian philosophy, viola, and Selena Gomez (so hot).

Dan and Ryan joined forces in 2009 when they met while competing for the University of Miami Model United Nations team. Their bromance has blossomed over the course of 3 years, during which they were involved in many MUN-related shenanigans, culminating in their tenure as Head Delegates from 2011-2012. They hope that one day it will not be a cardinal sin of politics for a Democrat and a Republican to work together extensively, so that they can rule the world. Or maybe just do some good for the American political system. Whichever comes first.



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