*Breaking* Senator Feinstein and Rep. Rogers Disagree With Obama on Afghanistan

Only a couple of minutes ago in an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley on State of the Union a democratic politician, in an unexpected move, disagreed with the President on whether the Taliban had actually been weakened and whether his 2014 timetable is a good idea. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who was speaking Republican rep. Mike Rogers, just returned from a trip to the region where they came back feeling that the Taliban had in fact been strengthened and that  President Obama’s surge was ultimately not successful. It was clear from the interview that they had been privy to information we probably do not know, but both agreed with each other throughout the interview on a host of issues which also included whether the 2014 timeline for withdrawal was good, which they agreed it was not. Disagreeing with the President after having just visited the region during election season is a surprising turn for the senator and we will likely hear from her office soon.

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