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A Rough Start for Messina, Obama 2012

uh oh…

As most politi-addicts are aware, today marked the official beginning of campaigning for the President. But while most of us associate Obama with scenes of tens of thousands of fans filling Invesco Field in unparalleled glitz and glamour, today harkened to something Romney has been dealing with all primary season…the enthusiasm gap. While video of the speech may seem like Obama is speaking to a packed crowd, this picture above from Romney spokesman Ryan Williams during the middle of Obamas speech indicates that less than half of the stadium was filled.

Now this is pretty bad for the launch of an incumbent Presidential campaign, but it’s made worse by the fact that the Obama campaign had told the media they expected an overflow people. But when the time for the rally actually came, they ended up having to ask people to move to the floor to make it looked more full for the cameras. It’s understandable that filling the stadium of Ohio State university is no easy task, but maybe this campaign rally is indicative of something more, and it’s obvious that the Obama campaign needs to take a harder look enthusiasm on the ground. What do you think this means?


Ryan Williams Twitter

ABC news on expected overflow.

Columbus Dispatch on moving people up.



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